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...signore e signori. Prestate orecchi all'Oracolo Blu e ai suoi proclami.

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  1. Qui troverete gli annunci, gli aggiornamenti e le notizie ufficiali.


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  2. Il nostro Codice di Condotta, incluse le regole del forum e della chat. Assicuratevi di leggerle e di rispettarle sempre.


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  3. Qui potete trovare i changelog che spiegano in dettaglio gli aggiornamenti delle prossime patch di Anno Online.


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  4. Qui potete scaricare i file XML delle impostazioni di gioco.


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  5. Qui posteremo eventi di gioco o del forum organizzati dal vostro team di Anno Online. Tenete gli occhi aperti per le fantastiche attività speciali!


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  1. The future of ANNO Online - FAQ

    ANNO Online is now in maintenance mode. That means no more development will be done in the future but it remains online as it is right now. There is...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 17/10/2016 14h10
    • Réponses: 1
    • Affichages: 2 862
    21/11/2017 14h55 Aller au dernier message
  2. New Chronicle - Wanderlust

    Chronicles A brandnew Chronicle with two episones is available now! Story The chronicle "Wanderlust" tells the story of a crew of...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 17/05/2016 13h44
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 542
    17/05/2016 13h44 Aller au dernier message
  3. New Version on the Test Server soon

    Greetings, the new Version on the Test Server will contain some nice feature reworks: ...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 16/03/2016 16h14
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 207
    16/03/2016 16h14 Aller au dernier message
  4. Anno-Grinch stole the hats

    Greetings Annofans, this time the Anno-Grinch really did it. He successfully stole the presents from the Community Goal and hid them somewhere in...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 24/12/2015 14h16
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 195
    24/12/2015 14h16 Aller au dernier message
  5. [FAQ]Christmas Event - Known Issues

    [INDENT][FONT="Book Antiqua"]http://static.cdn.ubi.com/0034/annoonline/2015_12_xmas_dd/christmastree15_new_35x35.pngIsland Effect remover The...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 17/12/2015 11h53
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 831
    17/12/2015 11h53 Aller au dernier message
  6. Tea Time - Review

    Greetings, Today, I’d like to give you a little insight into our upcoming Christmas event. Christmas 2015 This year’s Christmas...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 10/12/2015 11h45
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 463
    10/12/2015 11h45 Aller au dernier message
  7. New Architect Report

    Dear Anno fans, We've recently discovered the Architect hard at work again, only this time we were able to find one of his hidden secret files in...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 08/12/2015 15h47
    • Réponses: 1
    • Affichages: 1 324
    09/12/2015 08h41 Aller au dernier message
  8. [Information] Quest: Chronicles Episode I | Envoy

    Greetings Annofans, with this entry we will update you about the following reports: Chronicles Episode 2 - Quest is stuck Envoy-Quest...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 03/12/2015 18h30
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 854
    03/12/2015 18h30 Aller au dernier message
  9. [FAQ] Worldwide Community Event: The Secret Santa

    Greetings Annofans, We will answer some questions here that might have arisen about the Event. What kind of event is this? This Event is a...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 24/11/2015 17h31
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 520
    24/11/2015 17h31 Aller au dernier message
  10. [Announcement] Worldwide Community Event: The Secret Santa

    Greetings Anno fans, In true Christmas spirit, the Anno Community Team, along with your Moderators and fansite teams have come together this year...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 24/11/2015 17h21
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 864
    24/11/2015 17h21 Aller au dernier message
  11. Developers Diary - Chronicles

    Dear Anno Online Fans, Christmas and New Year are coming soon and 2015 will come to an end. Before everyone is busy with preparations for the...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 17/11/2015 11h15
    • Réponses: 3
    • Affichages: 3 733
    20/11/2015 09h52 Aller au dernier message
  12. New Architect Report

    Dear Anno fans, We've recently discovered the Architect hard at work again, only this time we were able to find one of his hidden secret files in...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 12/11/2015 16h05
    • Réponses: 1
    • Affichages: 1 802
    13/11/2015 17h09 Aller au dernier message
  13. Teatime - Chronicles

    Greetings, today I want to provide some new insides of our upcoming new content: the Chronicles Chronicles – Background As you know,...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 10/11/2015 17h17
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 2 229
    10/11/2015 17h17 Aller au dernier message
  14. Developers Diary - Halloween 2015

    [INDENT] SOMETHING DARK IS COMING ..... Monsters, stalking through Anno-night, Halloween is the Night of Fright. Are you sure that you're...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 22/10/2015 15h05
    • Réponses: 7
    • Affichages: 2 896
    22/10/2015 15h10 Aller au dernier message
  15. Tea Time - Newspaper

    Greetings, Let us talk about the Newspaper that will soon be available on your islands. This new feature will create a better overview about the...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 12/10/2015 19h01
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 3 917
    12/10/2015 19h01 Aller au dernier message
  16. Tea Time - The Envoy

    Greetings, Today, I want to give you an insight into the quests provided by the envoy who will visit your island soon. This way you’ll get a...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 09/09/2015 14h52
    • Réponses: 3
    • Affichages: 2 793
    11/09/2015 20h37 Aller au dernier message
  17. Thieves, Bandits and Villains ~ Part V

    Dear Annofans, While digging through the ruins some torn up papers were discovered. After gathering all of them up, we were able to reconstruct...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 04/09/2015 10h51
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 723
    04/09/2015 10h51 Aller au dernier message
  18. What will happen to the old event currencies - Exchange Office

    Subsequently you will read a letter of the Anno Online Game Design Team about the old Event currencies. Dear players, Overview With the next...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 18/08/2015 17h58
    • Réponses: 6
    • Affichages: 3 281
    21/08/2015 16h32 Aller au dernier message
  19. Gamescom Event - Questions from the Community to the Anno Online Team

    Gamescom Event - Questions from the Community to the Anno Online Team Dear Annofans, you had a lot of questions for the Anno Online Team....

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 13/08/2015 15h29
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 666
    13/08/2015 15h29 Aller au dernier message
  20. Not at gamescom 2015 - you still have the chance to win loot!

    Greetings Annofans, Unable to visit the gamescom directly to win goodies for your account? Well, we don't want to leave anyone out! We have...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 31/07/2015 13h18
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 526
    31/07/2015 13h18 Aller au dernier message
  21. Gamescom chat event

    gamescom chat event Greetings Annofans, with gamescom taking place and a lot of players going there, we'd like to give everyone the possibility...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 31/07/2015 13h06
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 304
    31/07/2015 13h06 Aller au dernier message
  22. Gamescom 2015 - Meet us at Uplay lounge (hall 6.1 - corridor C)

    Dear Annofans, A big event is getting closer. More than 300,000 gamers are expected to visit this year's gamescom in Cologne. Last year, around...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 29/07/2015 15h25
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 635
    29/07/2015 15h25 Aller au dernier message
  23. Thieves, Bandits and Villains ~ Part IV

    Dear Annofans! Recently, a Merchant was scared almost to death as he opened a barrel of his wares at the marketplace and found it full of snakes. ...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 16/07/2015 10h59
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 957
    16/07/2015 10h59 Aller au dernier message
  24. Information regarding the actual performance

    Dear Anno Online Fans, More than two weeks ago, Ship Battles 2.0 was released. Players worldwide have reported different performance issues and...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 15/07/2015 17h24
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 307
    15/07/2015 17h24 Aller au dernier message
  25. Changelog (Version 30/06/2015)

    IMPROVEMENTS Combat maps no longer have the wrong size on the inventory tooltip. Treasure hunters UI: Players, who click repeatedly the...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 29/06/2015 16h36
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 709
    29/06/2015 16h36 Aller au dernier message
  26. Title: Thieves, Bandits and Villains ~ Part III

    Dear Annofans, we have found a hoodlum who has just begun working for the pirate captain greedy Boone. It's been discovered that he's...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 25/06/2015 21h56
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 939
    25/06/2015 21h56 Aller au dernier message
  27. Ship Battles 2.0

    Table of Content: Basic Tutorial Changes New Advanced Tutorial New Ship Yard UI Combat Exploration Ship – Scout Ships New Exploration...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 05/06/2015 12h32
    3 Page
    1 2 3
    • Réponses: 21
    • Affichages: 13 016
    05/06/2015 12h37 Aller au dernier message
  28. Feedback for Impressions from the next version

    Dear Anno fans, After reading the first impressions [Shipyard UI (http://forum.fr.anno-online.com/threads/4211)] from the new version, do you...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 03/06/2015 17h01
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 610
    03/06/2015 17h01 Aller au dernier message
  29. Impressions from the next version - Shipyard UI

    Always had troubles with fighting the pirate boss and missing some variety? An old saying goes: "The bigger the better" - test it out. ...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 03/06/2015 16h57
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 614
    03/06/2015 16h57 Aller au dernier message
  30. Thieves, Bandits and Villians: Part II

    Dear Anno-fans, As we were watching a storm approach, this piece of parchment fluttered in the breeze. Upon closer inspection, we realised it was...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 02/06/2015 13h12
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 883
    02/06/2015 13h12 Aller au dernier message
  31. Special Offer Promotional Quest 31st May

    Dear Anno-Fans. There is a new fashion line in development on the islands. The citizens love it and are paying top dollars for the clothing...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 28/05/2015 15h44
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 920
    28/05/2015 15h44 Aller au dernier message
  32. Special Offer Promotional Quest 29th May

    Dear Anno-Fans. For ages, books were the main source of knowledge for civilizations, and as a good Lord you should make sure your people are well...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 28/05/2015 13h55
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 697
    28/05/2015 13h55 Aller au dernier message
  33. Special Offer Promotional Quest 24th May

    Dear Anno-Fans, With the recent events bothering Northburgh and keeping him focused elsewhere, it is your opportunity to rise in the Emperor's...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 22/05/2015 10h42
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 578
    22/05/2015 10h42 Aller au dernier message
  34. Thieves, bandits and rascals: Part I (additional news)

    Dear Annofans, Soon after discovering the 2nd letter from Lord Northburgh, we found another small letter. This one looked to be slightly burned,...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 21/05/2015 15h30
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 456
    21/05/2015 15h30 Aller au dernier message
  35. Special Offer Promotional Quest - 22nd May

    Dear Anno-Fans, People often say it's all about the money. This time? Indeed! We want to give you a chance to increase your bank limits to allow...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 21/05/2015 14h47
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 611
    21/05/2015 14h47 Aller au dernier message
  36. Thieves, Bandits and Villians: Part I

    Dear Annofans, Since discovering the last letter from Lord Northburgh, we have continued our search for others. Just this morning, we stumbled...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 21/05/2015 14h32
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 2 071
    21/05/2015 14h32 Aller au dernier message
  37. New Architect Report

    Dear Anno fans, We've recently discovered the Architect hard at work again, only this time we were able to find one of his hidden secret files. ...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 19/05/2015 15h50
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 636
    19/05/2015 15h50 Aller au dernier message
  38. Special Offer Promotional Quest - 20th May

    Dear Anno-Fans, This awesome Lumberjack needs 50% less trees and produces 50% wood faster. However, the building is slightly larger than the...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 19/05/2015 15h40
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 314
    19/05/2015 15h40 Aller au dernier message
  39. Special Offer Promotional Quest - 17th May

    Dear Anno-Fans, No city is complete without having ways to entertain its citizens. Now, you too can entertain your residents with an already...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 15/05/2015 13h48
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 1 719
    15/05/2015 13h48 Aller au dernier message
  40. Thieves, Bandits and Villains ~ Introduction

    Dear Annofan, While walking down to the docks, something in the hedges caught our eye. At first it appeared to just be trash, but upon a closer...

    Créée par BB_Pherlin, 14/05/2015 13h47
    • Réponses: 0
    • Affichages: 2 758
    14/05/2015 13h47 Aller au dernier message

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