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Discussion: The future of ANNO Online - FAQ

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    The future of ANNO Online - FAQ

    ANNO Online is now in maintenance mode. That means no more development will be done in the future but it remains online as it is right now. There is no intention in closing the game.

    The game stays like it is and that means following content won’t come anymore:
    • No new features
    • No new content (envoy, chronicles, promotion quests)
    • No Newsletter
    • No Seasonal Events
    However, some things won’t change:
    • Community Management stays
    • Community Events stays (Forum, Chat and Facebook events)
    • Customer Support stays
    Check out the list below of questions and answers to get some more information.

    Question: Does that mean ANNO Online is no longer active?
    Answer: No, the game, website, forum and shop stays as it is. The change is that now ANNO Online will not receive any new features.

    Question: What happens if I am stuck in the game and need help?
    Answer: Customer Support and Community Management is still available to help you with all your questions and issues.

    Question: Will you shut down the servers?
    Answer: No, we do not plan to shut down the servers. We will continue to run the game. Should we decided to close the game, we will inform you in advance.

    Question: Does this impact the purchases I previously made in the game?
    Answer: Not at all. For example, you can still use your rubies to buy items for your island.

    Question: Why did the team decide to stop development on the game?
    Answer: It wasn’t an easy decision but we need to focus on other projects.

    If you have further questions or feedback, just leave it here.

    See you in the game,

    Your ANNO Online Team

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    what a fail

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